People who are interested in leading healthy lifestyles, as well as those who are searching for family fun and leisure, will find Kearns Oquirrh Park to be a great meeting location. Click for more.


Various programs are available for participants of all ages, including both members and visitors. Explore activities such as sports camps, water polo, swim instruction, dancing, and many more possibilities for young people. Your objective may be to find a program or activity that the whole family will enjoy doing, or you might provide a choice of programs for adults to take in an atmosphere conducive to adult interaction. KOPFC is sure to have everything you need regardless of what you are searching for.


KOPFC provides a “World Class” range of facilities, such as a recently built 2-level Weight & Cardio wing, three year-round indoor pools, Chomper’s Cover USA – a summertime outdoor water park with three additional aquatic areas, a full-size gymnasium, hot tubs, sauna & steam room, fitness class room, a 7-acre park, tennis, pickleball, and more. Some of these facilities have been recently built, while others have been in


The purpose of their services is to make your time spent at KOPFC more enjoyable and satisfying. Who doesn’t need a warm and welcoming setting for their upcoming celebration? Pavilions and other rental spaces are available from their company, providing group discounts and curated packages for various events. If you need childcare during your next exercise, they can take care of it. Examine the remainder of their services to see if anything else would interest you.



AQUATIC EXERCISE Aside from swimming laps, there are a variety of other activities to get Fitness in the water that may be done independently in any indoor pool. Some examples include: Aquatic exercise is helpful because it takes advantage of the softer landing that water gives on the joints and the additional resistance that water contributes when moving your arms and legs. Aquatic exercise may be advantageous because it takes advantage of both features. Experiment with Walking in shallow portions of the Indoor Competition Pool and Indoor Recreation Pool and the Current Canal of the Indoor Recreation Pool and performing Float belt or noodle workouts in the 50 Meter Pool or deeper pools. Not water aerobics is always accessible. Thus it is necessary to schedule sessions for when the pool is closed to the public. There are also time shifts that vary from the norm due to additional programs and events. Young people must be physically active and supervised by an adult.



Becky’s School of Dance

Becky’s School of Dance has been in operation for the last 52 years and has a diverse curriculum for students of all skill levels. The class schedules may be posted outside the dance studio, and classes are often offered on Afternoons and evenings and on Saturday mornings.

Dance By Denise

The atmosphere at Dance by Denise is comfortable and secure, and it offers dancers of all skill levels and ages a wide choice of lessons, ranging from beginner to advanced. While helping dancers develop their dance techniques, DBD maintains a cheerful, inviting, and enjoyable environment that is warm and pleasant. Dance instruction that is suitable for the students’ ages is also provided. Lessons are conducted on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the afternoons and evenings. DBD is comprised of three distinct seasons.


Yoga, Zumba & More

Group Fitness Classes

• A pass is necessary to participate in any of the courses.

• The 11 a.m. lessons are reserved exclusively for seniors and anyone who want a less strenuous exercise. All participants are welcome to sign up for SilverSneakers Classic ® and Boom ® sessions.

To participate in any Fitness Class, you must be at least 14 years old or 12-13 if an adult accompanies you. Class schedules are subject to change.

• Please ensure that the ringer on your mobile device is muted throughout all courses. If you have to take a call, please have the courtesy to do it outside of the aerobics or fitness rooms if you want to respect the privacy of others around you.

• You need to wear footwear suitable for this sort of class.

• It is imperative that you come on time. * At no point are headphones permitted to be used inside a Fitness Class!

Boot Camp is an aggressive program that is structured like a circuit, moving quickly from activities such as sprints to more static exercises such as push-ups. The following steps are unknown.

Butts & Gutts This session will put you through a strenuous exercise for your glutes and include a core part influenced by Pilates. In addition to focusing on your quadriceps and hamstrings, the emphasis is placed on developing your core strength so that you may gain muscle.

Cyclicity is a kind of group indoor cycling lesson that simulates the experience of riding on the road and in the dirt. You could find yourself sprinting, climbing, or hovering on your bike.

This dance fitness choreography is a cardiovascular training method that is good for your heart. Everyone from novice exercisers to seasoned dancers and everyone in between is welcome to participate in this exciting and high-energy Dance Fitness session. Get ready to shake your groove thing on the dance floor!

HIGH Fitness is a high-intensity, high-fun fitness class that combines interval training with the music you love to listen to and intense choreography that is simple to follow. The meticulously crafted choreography of Large Fitness, in which participants alternate between severe bouts of cardio and toning tracks, is responsible for the high number of calories burned and the full-body toning that result.

Insanity is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength-training routine that combines the best of both worlds to help you get in shape as quickly as possible.

This session is a blend of 30 percent cardio and 30 percent weight training, and it is created specifically for senior citizens or other individuals who want less strenuous exercise.

Power yoga is a kind of yoga in which many postures, known as asanas, are linked together using movement and breath to generate heat throughout the exercise. This class improves your stamina as well as your flexibility and strength. When they are required, modifications are provided.

Visit their website or call them at (801) 966-5555 to find out more.

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