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Professional Remodeling Services in Utah

When a family hires us to make an addition or a second story, we perform extensive remodeling throughout the house. Complete home renovation is a service our clients frequently employ for us.

Building a Second Floor & Up

During an add-a-level renovation, the roof is taken off the existing structure, and a new second story is constructed from the ground up, including a set of stairs. Then, we revamp the majority of the existing building’s ground floor. The old kitchen and bathrooms were completely renovated with all new fittings and fixtures. In an open floor plan, numerous walls are eliminated.

Kitchen Remodeling

One of our most popular services is a kitchen renovation or expansion package. When pricing our packages, we find that the majority of them need planning an open floor plan if a new floor is added. Since the bedrooms were relocated to the second floor, the first floor is now more available. The seeming expansion of the floor may mislead the homeowners, but a new and improved kitchen can be constructed with the removal of a few walls.

Home Additions

Adding square footage to a home by expanding off the rear or side is a popular option. You may create a huge family area by expanding your kitchen. By removing the wall at the back of the kitchen, a much larger work area may be created in the center. We build a large number of kitchen makeovers each year. A lot more than you’d expect from a company whose primary concentration is cabinetry for kitchens.

Bathroom Remodeling

In our line of work as home remodelers, we typically update or enlarge two to three bathrooms every job. Most projects that include adding a level to a house also involve renovating the existing first-floor bathroom to create a new whole or half-bath combination on that floor. Using our bathroom renovation system, we can build a custom bathroom according to your specifications. We coordinate all aspects of the project, from purchasing materials to selecting designs and varieties of fixtures, to ensure that the homeowners’ vision is realized.

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