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A Few Scales and a Few Tails Utah is an educational and entertainment business that specializes in birds and reptiles and is managed by a family. Since 2004, they have offered risk-free but participatory and enlightening lectures—Shane Richins, the company’s Owner, and Founder, first established Scales and Tails. Horse, a green pet iguana, was the one who first sparked Shane’s love for animals, even though Shane has always had a soft spot in his heart for them. Shane took his horse with him wherever he went. At the time when Shane was becoming older and seeking to establish a name for himself in society, he and his girlfriend visiting the time, Mandi, they’re at the Utah State Fair.

 There, they met Danny Conner of Danny Conner’s Reptile Adventures. She pushed Shane to give launching a company where he could teach the public about these incredible animals, who are often misunderstood, a go. She believed it to be a wise decision. After several years, he finally met the woman who would become his wife, Rindy. She was instrumental in his transition from operating a home-based company that did small touring performances to running an educational center and retail store. When they first started, the only events they did were modest birthday parties. Now, in addition to fairs and business events, they also perform school assemblies and community outreach.

Meet the animals


American Alligator – currently 8 ft long

In 2009, they acquired Darthgator from a breeder in the state of Florida; not long after, they were granted permission and a permit from the state of Utah to use crocodilians in the context of their instructional programs.

At the time, Darthgator had not yet reached his first birthday, but he was already the prettiest little alligator you had ever seen.

He has spent his whole life at their facility, where he has become an outstanding animal ambassador, sharing his knowledge of the wondrous world of crocodilians with visitors of all ages. Over the last several years, he has participated in an in-house training program that has taught him to “come,” “stay,” “open,” and navigate toward certain color blocks in his pond. This program has been conducted here at their facility. He is a sapient creature, and they are delighted to have him represent the crocodilian family of reptiles because of his intelligence.


Reticulated Python, currently 17 feet long

The reticulated Python is the name given to the species of snake that may be discovered to be the longest anywhere in the world. They purchased Charlotte from a breeder in the area back in the autumn of 2009, and her name is Charlotte. Over several years, she took part in a broad range of activities and went around the state of Utah and beyond for those activities. Charlotte decided to retire and lead a life of leisure rather than continue working when she was diagnosed with a recurrent respiratory disease a few years ago. Instead of continuing to work, she now spends her time traveling and reading. She holds the record for the longest snake that is currently on display in the state of Utah at this same time.

Twinkle Toes

Sulcata Tortoise, which weighs around 100 lbs.

A sulcata tortoise is the third-largest land tortoise that may be found anywhere around the globe. was the vendor from whom they purchased Twinkle Toes in 2008. When he was brought here, his arrival was delayed for a day because an employee working at the FedEx shipping facility was unaware that reptiles could be delivered. They are pretty fortunate that he made it here without any problems. More than ten years were spent by Twinkle Toes touring the country with the Scales and Tails team, attending birthday parties, schools, libraries, and other educational establishments. As time passed, he got to the point where he was too heavy for a single person to carry, so today, he only gives speeches at significant public events like fairs. At their establishment, Twinkle Toes had a total of three partners.

Komodo Drago

The Komodo Dragon is the most notable lizard species, while Asian Water Monitors are the second largest. They are the Komodo Dragon’s cousins! TNT was a baby when they bought him at the Wasatch Reptile Expo in 2008. Children and adults everywhere have been awed and motivated by TNT to cherish lizards. TNT has been retired for the last 13 years. You are welcome to stop by Scales and Tails Utah to meet her and their other reptile ambassadors. Darthgator, the cutest little gator you ever did see, was less than a year old at the time.

He was raised at their facility and has served as an incredible animal ambassador to educate all age groups about the fascinating world of crocodilians. For the last several years, he has been enrolled in an internal training program that has taught him to “come,” “remain,” “open,” and go toward certain color blocks in his pond. They are pleased to have him represent their crocodilian group of reptiles since he is a clever critter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Describe your approach to Covid-19.

They are following all CDC recommendations about group meetings and mask use. All of their employees interacting with the public have had the Covid-19 vaccination.

How many guests are permitted at the event?

They have hosted events for groups ranging in size from one to 1,000 and beyond! Larger groups do exceptionally well since the group’s energy contributes to an even more spectacular celebration, according to their research. The cost of the party is determined by the package you choose, not by the number of guests.

Where can they host their party if they want to celebrate?

They will bring their show to any location of your choosing, provided the temperature is between 70 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit or if it can be temporarily elevated to that range. (Within private homes, on the street, in public spaces like parks or lawns, etc.) They will be required to protect the animals if the show is conducted outside. They also have a small party room available here at their location.

What animals make suitable companions for children?

Additional info.

Blue Tongue Skinks, Leopard Geckos, Milk Snakes, Box Turtles, Russian Tortoises, and Greek Tortoises are some examples of exotic animals. (The list is not limited to the animals mentioned here; this is only a small selection of acceptable child pets.)

Visit their website or call them at (801) 528-1336 for more information.