5 Ideas For Kitchen Remodels That Will Last A Long Time

5 Ideas For Kitchen Remodels That Will Last A Long Time

If you are in the market for kitchen remodeling ideas, the most important thing to keep in mind, in addition to utility, is that your investment should be something that can withstand the test of time. It seems that each age has its own list of “does and don’ts” in the kitchen, the majority of which don’t even last a decade.


This is not only a letdown but also a significant waste of your financial resources. So how exactly does one go about making an investment in a kitchen that will continue to look as stunning as the day it was first built? Always choose timeless elegance instead of following the latest trends, no matter how widespread their appeal may be.


The following are some suggestions that will assist you in designing a kitchen that will withstand the test of time:

#1: Put your emphasis on white home appliances

For some time now, stainless steel has been all the rage, and it is an absolute must in commercial kitchens. One could argue that stainless steel would never go out of style because of its durability and the fact that it is so simple to keep looking fantastic. However, stainless is not how the events of history have transpired up to this point.


White is the hue that has endured the most through the ages, and this statement is accurate beyond all doubt. According to the results of the National Kitchen and Bath Survey, white is the hue that is most commonly used in kitchens. In addition to that, it has led the chart every year save one.


This piece of information actually comes as a blessing to homeowners. Because stainless steel equipment is so much more expensive than its white counterparts, white kitchens allow homeowners to purchase more high-end ranges and refrigerators within their budgets.

2#: Consider the flooring's longevity when making your selection

Vinyl has been around for a very long time, and it is available in many stunning forms. However, vinyl also has a fixed lifespan, and it’s not an exceptionally long one either. You will be happy if, in addition to the aesthetic value, you consider how long the item will last.


Wood flooring is likely to never go out of style, and in addition to this, it is cozier to walk on than the alternative, which is tile. Even if it is subjected to severe wear, it can be stained and polished and it will still look lovely many years from now. If a tile gets chipped, you will need to replace it.


Wood is recommended by MSN Lifestyle because it exudes a sense of history even when it is brand new. It can serve as a point of anchoring for the room in a manner that very few other materials can.

#3: Granite countertops are not necessary.

In the same vein as stainless steel, granite is unquestionably enjoying its heyday. Granite is a gorgeous stone, but if you consider its aesthetic attributes, you’ll notice how rapidly this expensive and elegant material can start to look antiquated. Marble is a more classic and durable option than other materials.


The majority of granites have distinct colors and patterns. But are they the kind of things that, after 15 years, you’ll still want to live with? Maybe, but maybe not. And the stakes are high for such a wager.


Consider using Carrara marble for your countertops if you are looking for something traditional. This stone is very dissimilar to the Calacatta marble, which is characterized by brilliant whites and striking gray veining. Carrara marble is known for its lighter grays and whites, which help it to avoid making a striking fashion statement. It will never go out of style, and the cost is far lower than that of granite. It stains, but so does granite, and sealants can eliminate the problem.

#4: Storage, storage, storage

The straightforward and uncluttered lines of Shaker-style cabinets make them a popular choice for a wide range of interior design styles, from the sleek and contemporary to the warm and homey. They are a reasonably secure investment for practically any house. But storage is far more crucial than aesthetics in this case.


Traditional built-ins as well as open shelving and freestanding cabinetry are just two of the many ingenious ways that interior design magazines and online are brimming with inventive ideas to decorate your kitchen. Built-ins that have a lot of storage space that can be used effectively should come out on top.


Look for clever storage solutions such as pull-out organizers that make the most of every square inch of space rather than investing in traditional boxy cabinets with nothing but hollows and shelves on the inside. It is not necessary to have a lazy Susan in the corner of the cupboards can be reached without using it.

5#: Pay Attention to the Smaller Particulars

Always prioritize quality over looks, no matter what it is that you’re purchasing. The details are what really matter, and they are what will make any kitchen look lovely in a few years from now.


Make sure you inspect the seams on your faucet as well as the wood joinery on your cabinets. Are they flawless, or can you make out some blemishes? Both may be perfected, which is something you’ll come to appreciate as you make regular use of their respective fixtures. When there is a flaw, there is always the possibility of anything becoming apart.


It is easy to give in to the temptation of purchasing a fixture that is attractive but of poor quality. Sadly, the results of such decisions are rarely long-lasting. Therefore, you should shell out a bit more money and invest in quality where it really matters.


A kitchen makeover is one of the most expensive projects that you can take on, but according to This Old House, it’s also one of the finest projects in terms of giving you a return on the investment that you make in it. You may substantially improve both the value of your home and the quality of your life, so do the wise thing and think of timeless design rather than the current design.