02.6 - what to know about exterior house remodeling

Everything You Need to Know About Exterior Home Remodeling

Exterior repair might be intimidating, mainly if this is your first significant restoration job, but it is well worth the effort. External renovations may dramatically enhance the aesthetics of your house, protect it from unfavorable damage, and save your energy expenditures while increasing the value of your property.

When you begin the procedure, you may have numerous questions: Where do I start? How much should I set aside for each project? What is the optimal sequence for completing each component of the renovation?

LK West Valley City General Contractors has created a simple step-by-step technique to help you confidently approach your future renovation.

Make an Exterior Remodeling Plan – Why? What? How?

Choose the outside house improvements you wish to have done first. Consider your motivations for remodeling the outside of your home, the services you want, and the final result you envision for your property.

Typical justifications for an external makeover include:

  • Needed to fix or fix up planned growth
  • Adding street charm by making the house look more modern
  • Increasing the sale price

As you plan, consider what is most essential to you. Determine what you need and want. What is essential right now, what would be good, and what is a dream service that may be implemented later? Create a decent budget by determining what you want and how you want it done.

1. Set a Budget

If you do not adequately budget for your approach, you may discover that your expenses are far more than intended, or you may not get the value you expected.

When determining your budget, consider the vision and objectives of what service you want to do for your property, the project duration, and what you want in a contractor.

A complete outside renovation might cost between $20K and $100K. Four primary elements determine the cost of a renovation:

  • Charges and down payments for workers
  • Material and shipping costs
  • Costs of labor
  • Costs tied to project needs that were not expected

Spend some time talking to your potential workers about each of these things. They should be open and honest about what they want to do and how much experience they have with these cash needs. We recommend getting estimates from three or four licensed, covered workers nearby. This will help you figure out the scope of the work, set a price range, and make sure you get the most for your money. This will help you get started on creating a budget.

Extra tip: Look for workers who do all kinds of work outside your house, like carpentry, roofs, siding, gutters, and windows. Businesses that only do one or two things, like installing windows or ceilings, will need more planning, paperwork, contracts, and payment plans. Choose a professional who can do everything you need because they can look at your job as a whole, which will help you keep track of the details.

2. Find a Contractor You Can Trust

When looking for a builder to help you improve your outdoor space, you must ensure they can be trusted.

When choosing a worker, here are some essential things to think about:


Your employee needs to have been in operation for over a few years and have the images and positive evaluations to prove it. Additionally, confirm that the potential employee has expertise in doing the kind of labor or service you want.


Make your decision based on something other than the price. Sometimes, a cheaper price means that the work isn’t as good, which could lead to repairs that cost more in the long run. When making an estimate, a good worker will think about the right amount of work, supplies, and protection.


The best reviews come from word-of-mouth referrals, suggestions from nearby supply businesses, and homeowner-to-homeowner ratings on Angie’s List, Yelp, or Google. While browsing these websites, it’s crucial to remember that even the finest companies may have some negative ratings. Consider how the evaluations of each business make you feel rather than focusing on the absolute ideal ratings.


Your worker needs to have a good BBB rating, have enough insurance, and have all the state licenses they need. You could also go to the contractor’s website to find out if they are a factory-certified provider of high-quality goods.

Communication and Connection

Your employee should be polite to you, answer your calls quickly, give you any papers or information you ask for, help you understand what the job is, and make you feel like you’re their top priority. If someone makes you feel bad about yourself, don’t hire them. Hire someone you feel good about talking to, doing business with, and letting work on your home.

3. Know Your Order of Operations

Always prioritize your most important tasks or urgent repairs first. While working on other tasks, proper solutions might prevent you and your house from suffering more harm. Significant projects will alter the demands of minor ones.

The remainder of your outdoor restorations will often go as follows after you’re through with your primary or urgent tasks:

  • Roof and gutters
  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Soffit and fascia

A full outdoor makeover is a big job, but if it’s done well, it can make a big difference in how your home looks, how it works, and how much it’s worth.

LK West Valley City General Contractors has made the following changes to the outside of buildings in West Valley City UT:

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