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Renovation vs. Remodeling: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to home improvement projects, accurately describing your plans is crucial, especially when seeking the right contractor. While some people use “renovation,” “remodeling,” and even “flipping” interchangeably, there are distinct differences between these terms. Understanding these disparities can help you communicate your project’s scope effectively. So, let’s dive into the difference between renovation and remodeling, along with examples of common tasks for each category.

The Difference Between Renovation and Remodeling

In lay man’s terms, renovation involves making something old look and feel new, while remodeling entails creating something new from something old. The key is in your project’s goal – refreshing your space with new finishes and fixtures constitutes renovation, while making structural changes, such as removing walls or having home additions, qualifies as remodeling.

The Renovation Process

Renovation focuses on updating the appearance of a home while preserving its existing layout and structure. If you fall in love with a home’s floor plan but wish to remove out dated elements like wallpaper, renovation is the way to go.

Renovating is generally more DIY-friendly, as tasks like painting, flooring installation, cabinetry refacing, and light fixture swapping can be accomplished by beginner DIYers. These projects usually don’t require permits, which means you may not need a contractor unless local building regulations dictate otherwise.

However, some renovations may call for structural changes. For instance, replacing laminate flooring with tile might require fortifying the floor system with beams and a new subfloor to support the weight of the tile and prevent cracking.

Examples of Renovation Tasks:

1. Refinishing floors

2. Painting

3. Refacing cabinets

4. Swapping light fixtures

5. Updating plumbing fixtures

6. Changing door hardware

7. Adding trim

The Remodeling Process

Remodeling involves more substantial changes that restructure the property. If you’re expanding the kitchen, adding a bathroom, or building a sunroom, you’re in the realm of remodeling.

Remodeling tasks often require permits and approval from local authorities, especially in the case of historically registered properties. This category includes major tasks like relocating infrastructure, such as electrical wires and breakers, rerouting plumbing, or adding central AC to an older home.

Examples of Remodel Tasks:

1. Removing walls

2. Changing floor plans

3. Adding central AC

4. Building additions

5. Finishing a basement

6. Adding a second level

7. Building a deck or patio

8. Adding a bedroom suite

Renovation vs. Remodeling: Their Cost and Value

Renovation generally costs less than remodeling since tasks like refacing cabinets and updating plumbing fixtures are more budget-friendly than structural changes. Additionally, renovations are easier to budget for, as their are many hidden costs that are associated with remodeling tasks.

However, remodeling can lead to higher ROI if done right. A renovated home looks updated and move-in ready, which is appealing to buyers. While remodeled homes can offer the same benefits, they require more investment to achieve the desired results.

When it comes to selling, be cautious of shoddy renovations, as flippers may prioritize visual updates over necessary structural improvements. Consider hiring a thorough home inspection before finalizing a purchase.

In terms of ROI, DIY-friendly renovations often yield better results than remodels requiring a contractor. However, it’s essential to recognize that not all updates are profitable, and only a small percentage of home updates typically recoup 100% or more of the initial investment.

Ultimately, your choice between renovation and remodeling should align with your project goals, budget, and desired outcomes. Whether you decide to refresh your space or embark on a major restructuring, working with a reliable general contractors can ensure your vision becomes a reality.

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